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July 1st, 2011

(no subject)

 Hi Everyone, I just opened my shop. I'm selling alphabets/coloring books for children to have a head start on their letters before they head to school. The books are already printed and binded - ready to ship! More info in my store, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me!


May 15th, 2007

Questions...really random

Is it normal to kiss your first date on the lips closed?

January 14th, 2007

Hey :)


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Friends Only

Hey! I'm quite happy that you've actually thought about moi :) lol 
And if you'd like to add me please comment me and I'll love to add you to but with only one condition 
*dun dun dunnnnnnn*
I'm a very busy fella, cause of my graphic designing program and I can't come on lovely LJ often plus I only 
comment on my friends when I feel like it or have the time.  But otherwise, I'm a shy and cheerful fellow.
So see ya then!

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