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Live Every Moment

Just gotta love to live!

This whole journal, is like my personal diary about my life.

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A little girl with humungous things to deal with. Selva is a word that means jungle/rainforest, and it actually suits my personality cause at times I can be wild or calm! anyways, I'm just a little kid who is giving and care'n
Strengths: generous in anything financial!!!!, caring for people i adore, protective over people i trust, positive about my life, helpful to anyone whose in need, funny (even though i don't really want to be funny, it kinda makes people whose cry'n laugh), cute? (don't ask i get this comment from everyone!), young look'n (hey, look'n like a 5 year old helps to get free stuff from senior stores;) Yay!)
Weaknesses: Too modest at times, Bad temper (not a good thing i have, actually one of my worst traits), holds grudges (oh well...here come out the little devil out of me!), reading stupid stuff that my english teaher marks hard on me for, thin guys + glasses + blue eyes + nerdyness = I can't resist!
Special Skills: I'm ok in arts, and thats the only thing i'm kinda better from everything else, patient, creative, organized, trendy!!!, community service (help cute little 5 year olds!!!! awesome!!!!), and now days courageous *shruggs*
Weapons: words and facial features
Lil' Ol' Me:

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